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I have opened Exhibit F, but I don't have all the jigsaw pieces...

Are you sure? Have you checked all of the envelopes? If you have had help, and you still can't piece the whole jigsaw together then there may be a problem. A picture of the completed jigsaw can be found here: Final Jigsaw

I have pieced the jigsaw together, but I can't solve the crime...

Look carefully at the picture. The characters from the story are all hidden behind the objects at the fete. You might only see part of their body or their clothing. Use the pictures of the characters from the diary. You will be able to find where all the characters are hiding except one. The only person not hiding is the criminal.

Where are all the people hiding in the jigsaw?

1) Sir Jeremy’s foot is behind the right side of the Punch & Judy booth 2) Alice’s duster is poking out from behind the Flowers and Veg table 3) Doug is peering round the left drape of the Teas and Cakes stall 4) Rev. Kindly is crouched behind the cake table 5) Charlotte is peering round the right side of the Tea and Cakes stall 6) Part of Mrs Mirfield’s blue pinafore is protruding from the left side of the Flowers and Veg Show stall 7) The top of Johnson’s hat is poking up from the middle of the Flowers and Veg table 8) Henry is hiding behind the Unlucky Dip 9) Ralph the dog’s tail is poking from the right side of Unlucky Dip

I have chosen the correct suspect, but the video is broken

How peculiar. How is it broken? Could it be a clue? Perhaps it is telling you something very important.

How do I find out where the money is hidden?

Remember what Alfred said: "Leaves the first letters." Use the first letters of the leaves on the page to spell the location of the money. Use the tree poster to help you.

I just don't get it.  Where is the money hidden?  Just tell me.

The message in the leaves spells the location of the money. Go to and click on: shallow hole below pews.