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Don't cheat unless you

absolutely need to!

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What does the code mean on the URL card?

The message is written in Morse code. Use the code in the diary to translate the word.

I still don't know what URL to type in...

The Morse code spells 'sycamore'. Click on the link:

I don't have the correct costume for Morris dancing

Read the church newsletter carefully. Have you got anything that you could use instead?

What do I do with the Morris dancing video?

Learn the dance. You can either learn it by yourself, or get somebody else to dance with you. If you want, you can upload a video of your dancing using the hashtag #charlotteholmes. Don't worry about getting all the dancesteps right. The most important things are to have a go and to have fun.

I still haven't got all the jigsaw pieces/I don't have any jigsaw pieces

Then you'll just have to wait a bit longer!