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Some characters are saying different things to other characters

Perhaps some of them are lying. Who do you trust?

What do the flashing lights mean?

Look at the length of the flashes. Some are short and some are long. It could be a hidden code. Is there anything in the diary that could help you understand them?

I've looked in the diary, but I can't find anything about flashing lights

The lights spell a message in Morse Code. Write out the pattern of flashes using a line for a long flash and a dot for a short flash. Every time the lights pause, start a new letter. Use the Morse code table to translate the flashes into words. The words will reveal a hidden message.

I can't work out who the criminal is...

Think carefully. Use all the clues you've found and have a guess. Remember, if you get it wrong, you can always have another go.

What do I put in the speech bubbles?

Use your imagination. Who do you think is speaking? What do you think they might be saying? Don't worry if you get it wrong or change your mind. It is just a bit of fun.

What order does the comic strip go in?

What do you think? Use all the clues you have found to have a guess. Don't worry about making a mistake - it's a bit of fun. Once you have put them in order, you can colour them in, fill in the speech bubbles and upload a picture using the hashtag #charlotteholmes