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I can't get the pieces of paper out of the bottle

Think a bit harder... It's always difficult to unbottle your thoughts. Have you got anything you could use as a tool to help? Something long and thin would do: a hair clip? A knitting needle? A chopstick? An unbent paperclip could be an excellent tool...

I've got the pieces of paper out, but what do I do next

Read all the pieces of paper carefully. Some of them have instructions on.

Help!  I've read all the pieces of paper and I still don't know what to do...

Carefully remove the photo of Charlotte's parents from the box. There is a code printed on the reverse.

I've found the hidden writing but I don't know how to read it

Use your pack of cards/the key card to follow the clue: AS KS AD JOKER 2C

What does "ASK SAD JOKER 2C key to hidden information" mean?

Use the words Charlotte has found in the cards (either found on the key card or written on the cards) and arrange them in the following order: 1. AS (Ace of Spades) 2. KS (King of Spades) 3. AS (Ace of Diamonds) 4. JOKER 5. 2C (2 of clubs) Read the words you've put in order as a sentence. It should read: "Add three to letter value". This gives you the key to understanding the writing on the back of the photo.

I've cracked the clue, but I still can't read the writing.

The writing is a shift cipher. To read it you must add three to the value of every letter. Use the table in the diary to find a value for each letter. Then add three to this value and write down the letter you land on. Do this for all of the letters and you will discover the meaning of the secret writing.

The URL doesn't work

The URL is written in the same shift cipher as the hidden writing. To read it, you must add three to every letter.

I'm really, really stuck.  Please help me...

If you translate all the writing, it shows that Charlotte's great uncle is really Sherlock Holmes! Charlotte's mum has written her a letter explaining why she didn't tell her the truth earlier. To listen to the letter, follow the link to