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I don't have a cardboard tube

Remember what Doug the Groundsman said: even a toilet roll will do. If you haven't got a toilet roll right now, you can wait until all the toilet paper has been used and then use it to make your birdfeeder. There will still be plenty of birds to see, even if you have to wait a few days to make your bird feeder.

I don't have the right things in my kitchen to build the bird feeder

If you don't have any seeds, you could try using crunched up pieces of cereal or breadcrumbs. You can stick them to the tube with any fat. If you don't have butter or peanut butter, you can use margerine, or COLD fat that's left over from cooking. REMEMBER don't touch hot pans. If you want to use cooking fat, you must wait until the pan has cooled down completely,

Why aren't birds eating from my feeder?

Birds will only come to your bird feeder if they feel safe. This means you have to do three things: 1) Hang the bird feeder up nice and high so cats can't get to it. Birds won't come if they think they might get eaten! 2) Stay inside. Hang your birdfeeder where you can see it from the window. Birds are more likely to come when the garden is empty. 3) Be patient. Your birdfeeder is new and suspicious. It might take a couple of days before birds feel brave enough to come and eat.

I've seen a bird, but I can't tell which one it is...

Look carefully at the size of the bird and the colour of its feathers. If it doesn't look like any of the ones in the book, it may be a different type. Make a note of what it looked like and if you can, draw a picture. There are lots of different types of birds in Britain. The book only shows a few of them.

Charlotte's cards have weird writing on...

How mysterious. I wonder why that could be. Maybe it'll be important later on. Best keep all the cards safe when you've finished playing with them.

I have a question about the rules of the card games

For the full set of rules for the three games, follow these links: Clock Patience Aces Up Beggar My Neighbour

There are words on the cards in the video that I don't have/I don't have writing on my cards

Don't worry! You should have all the words you need to solve the mytery. Some of Henry's words are red herrings...