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I don't have the right ingredients...

Mrs Mirfield's recipes are just for fun. You don't have to bake them all. You don't have to bake any of them. If you want to bake a recipe but don't have the right ingredients you could ask a grown up if you can get some next time they go shopping. If you do bake one of the recipes, don't forget to upload a photo using the hashtag #CharlotteHolmes

I still don't have enough jigsaw pieces...

See if any of your pieces fit together, but don't worry if they don't. You might find some more later.

I can't find the seven differences in the picture

Make sure you look really carefully. Look at the same part of both pictures at the same time. What can you see? Say each thing out loud.

I've looked really carefully and I still can't find the seven differences between the pictures

The seven differences are: 1) The key is missing from the hook on the door 2) The back door is open 3) The biscuit jar is broken on the floor 4) There are paw prints in the flour 5) There are scratch marks on the wooden post 6) A bottle is missing from the shelf 7) A butterfly has landed on a bottle

I don't know who stole the biscuits

Think very carefully about the differences between the two pictures. They are clues to solve the mystery. Don't worry about guessing wrong. You can always have another go!

I know who stole the biscuits.  What should I do?

Follow the URL card to

Where do I find the answers to the crossword?

Read the Batley Independent.

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