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Don't cheat unless you

absolutely need to!

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I don't have enough jigsaw pieces/What jigsaw pieces?!

If you don't have enough jigsaw pieces: Don't worry! You aren't missing anything. Look out for more puzzle pieces on other days. If you don't have any jigsaw pieces: If you purchased Charlotte Holmes after 7th Dec 2020 you have received a newly packed box. We have re-designed when you receive your jigsaw pieces to heighten the drama towards the end of the adventure!

I don't know which character is which...

Listen carefully to Sir Jeremy's speech. He might give you some clues.

I don't understand all the things in Charlotte's diary...

Remember: it's OK to get a bit stuck. Just because you don't understand something yet doesn't mean it won't be useful in future. Try to remember what is in the diary, and don't lose it! You might need it later on.

What do I do with Exhibit A?

Have fun. Explore around your house and outside. Keep an eye out for anything interesting. Remember: being observant means looking out for new things AND looking at familiar things in new ways.